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Faculté de Médecine de Tlemcen Dr Benzerdjeb Benaouda

Professeur Necib BERBER, Doyen de la Faculté de Médecine de Tlemcen
Professeur Necib BERBER
Doyen de la Faculté de
Médecine de Tlemcen

On occasion of the academic year 2019-2020, coinciding with the new Hegirian year, I have the pleasure to wish to our students, our teachers and all the administrative, technical and service staff, a successful recovery and a good year.
We have had the past year, an exceptional situation, some lessons and their evaluations will be completed only about September 15th. In fact, the courses will not start until the 22nd of September. However new students will be received instead on a date to be determined later.
We would like to inform you that this year we will receive 611 first-time students, including 82 in dentistry, 164 in pharmacy and 365 in medicine. For these students who will spend years in our faculty and their faculty. I would like to tell them that they have chosen a particular profession, that of caring for sick people. They volunteer to their choice so they must understand that this choice has a price: work and continuous effort.
In terms of development of our faculty for the current year, we will have the pleasure of receiving by progression in the rank, about twenty new hospitalo-professors academics, as well as about fifteen class A lecturers recently promoted in the last exam. 
I will also note the acquisition of equipment and the opening of our Center of Medical Simulation, the effective launching of the work of realization of dental clinic university. As well as the end of work on the extension of the faculty of medicine in Chetouane. 
At the pedagogical level, the pedagogical training for the young teachers will be maintained, the department of medicine will support the application of "new" second year with new programs and a significant change in the pedagogical organization of the year.
I wish once again to all of you an excellent new year. Good luck.
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